Elegant & Dynamic Front with Halogen Head Lamp

Elegant & Dynamic Front With Halogen Head Lamp

The curvaceous front is accentuated by a large lens multi-reflector headlight with a halogen beam. Add to it distinctive sleek clear lens side indicators with amber bulbs and you are guaranteed to mark your presence in a moment's glance.

Stylish Rear

Stylish Rear

The rear end is dominated by sweeping style side indicators wrapped around the body.A beautiful large multi-reflector tail lamp provides high visibility in the night and takes style to new high.

Alloy Wheels, Disc Brake, Telescopic Front Suspension

Alloy Wheels, Disc Brakes, Telescopic Front Suspension

Large light weight 12' alloy wheel gives an elegant urban look. The telescopic front suspension provides smoother handling, lower vibration and easy maneuverability with a secure grip on the road. 190 mm front disc brake brings the Aviator to a safe and assured

Spacious Under-seat Box

Spacious Under-Seat Box

Beneath the locking till-up seat is a 20 llitre secure space made to suit indian conditions, ideal to keep your helmet and other travelling essentials like jacket,gloves, sunglasses, vehicle papers, toolkit and a first aid kit.

Metal Body Parts

Metal Body Parts

The body is a combination of metals and high impact resistant ABS parts, Metal adds tensile strength for added protection and ABS helps reduce the overall weight. This makes it easier to handle in day-to-day stop and go traffic.

Tuff Up Tube

Tuff Up TUbesThe Aviator also comes equipped with a Honda Patented Puncture Resistant Tuff-Up tube, which minimizes the incidents of sudden puncture b 70%**.


Honda Engine

The Aviator is powered by a 102 cc 4-stroke engine which generates 7 BHP of power. This
proven Honda Engine not only offers smooth and silky performance but also consumes less fuel.