Striking Instrument Panel




Get all the info in a new elegant Instrument panel. Those who get noticed are always special.

Handlebar Weights




Handlebar Weights assure you stability. You'd want to be sure of yourself as you get noticed.

Exotic Front




Ride into the forground with the Dio's trendy front end. A unique Headlamp and clean Lens Winker positioning give you the edginess of a motorcycle.

Reliable Maintenance Free Battery




The street turns into an alley. The alley turns into the Highway. No matter what the background turns into, keep going with the Dio's Maintenance Free Battery. No topping up. No leakages.

Flat Floorboard




Constantly being in the limelight can be tiring. Give you feet a rest on the Flat Footboard.

Spacious Under Seat Storage




Be prepared for all the stares with the roomy Under-Seat Luggage Box.

Comfartable Two-Tone Seat




Make youself Comfortable on Two-Tone Colour seat of the Dio. You are the star after all.

Eye-Catching Fraphics




New bold, dazzling graphics make sure you get all the attention as the rest turn into the background.

Trendy Rear




Check out the Dio's smart rear outfitted with an attention grabing Multi Reflector Tail Lamp and Integrated Clear Winkers. Give those you leave behind in the background something to look at.

Viscous Air Filter




The VIscous Air Filter. Cut out the maintenance costs. Cut out the unnecessary hassle. Nothing else counts but you and the road.

Tuff Up Tube




A handy Tuff Up tube in the rear tyre ensures that you never fall prey to punctures or jealous stares.