When you are on the road called Happiness, there should be no stopping.Miles and miles of joy should come your way.That is what we at Honda, believe in. Just the reason why we bring you the new Activa - a scooter that comes paced with style,offers you great quality,relability,value for money and never before convenience and comfort.


Economy Engine Leading To  a Greater MileageThe all new 110cc Honda engine of the new Activa is truly a  technological marvel.It gives you 15% more milage* than the previous model.And this makes it the most economical automaic scooter in market.Enjoy the most out of each drop of fuel.



Comby Brake(Only in Delax Variant)

The all new Activa is equipped with the Combi Brake.This ensure a shorter braking distance with more stability. Enjoy peace of mind and safety.



Key Shutter(Only in Deluxe Variant)

The all new Activa is loaded with an anti-theft Key Shutter ensuring safety of the vehical. Enjoy the security.



CLIC MechanismThe Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover enables you to lift up the entire rear body cover.
This makes maintenance easier and faster.
Enjoy easier maintanance.



Durable Metal BodyRely on the all new Activa which comes with mental body parts to handle eventhe toughest of Indian road conditions.
Enjoy the durability and a longer life of your new Activa.



Tuff-Up TubesNow you can stop worring about punctures. The Tuffup Tube in the rear tyre reduces the chancesof tyre getting flat to the extent of 70%.
Enjoy the journey without the fear of a flat tyre.



More Storage SpaceNow keep shopping with confidence.The 18ltr. storage capacity ensures enough lockable space for articles like a full face helmet, lunch boxes,bags and more.
Enjoy carrying more.


INEER BOX(Optional)

Optinal Inner BoxThe sleek and stylish Inner Box & flat foot boardwith a hook, increace the storage capacity of your Activa.It is perfect for carring smaller objects like water bottles, groceries and much more.


Enjoy shopping more.

+The technical specification and design of the vehical may vary accoring to the requirment and conditions, witout any notice.Activa meets Bhart Stage II norms.

# Based on internal Honda test, however not effective in damage or L-shaped cut in the tyre.Whenever you find a foreign object nailed on the tyre please remove it immediately and get the tube repaired at the nearest puncture shop.Acessories shown in the picture is not a part of the standard equipment.

*Based on Internal Honda driving mode considering various simulated actul driving condition.

^In Delux Variant.