Sence of Inclinantion

The bike comes loaded with a sensing device (Bank Angle Sensor) that cuts off ignition and fuel supply when the bike tips over a certain angle.

Self Diagnosis

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (located in the meter console below the PGM-FI logo) indicates system problems.For a user-friendly riding experience.

Maintenance Free Battery

The Maintenance Free Battery needs no topping up and has no leakages. So noting comes between you and the joy of riding.

Sporty Half Chain Case

Now equipped with a sporty Half Chain Case.Hardware's never looked so good.

Handle Bar Weight

The new Handle Bar Weight provides stability and control for a smoother ride.Get a hold of this joystick to find out what it's all about.

Premium 3D Emblem

Loaded with PGM-FI technology. Certified by a Premium 3D Emblem.